CHOICES, artist book, an edition of 82

This installation in 2003 focused on multiples of a rectangular paper folded into a triangular artist book featuring the work of poet Stuart Kestenbaum, The Roads Not Taken, from House of Thanksgiving. Artist, Liliana Fijman, curated a show at the Jewish Community Center in Providence, Rhode Island and requested using Choices as an installation. The books felt animated as they crawled up the pedestal, moved across the wall over the ceiling and eventually onto the window like butterflies. The books were eventually auctioned at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.


TOLERANCE: an outdoor installation on a hill overlooking a pond in Cromwell, CT, 2012-15.


Art is a language which often employs symbols allowing for personal interpretations. The symbols I chose focused on the universal concept of differences: tall tubes vs. short tubes; forest green and flamingo pink; some with flags, some with lights. These are purposefully chosen partially for the site, but more to aid in the perception of difference. Why do only the shorter tubes have lights whose glass shimmers in the sun and which flicker with multi-colors at night? Why do only the perimeter tubes have flags which only flutter when air is moving? Each of us creates a story.

Time is an attribute of many outdoor installations due to weather. It is clear through the photos taken over the course of the first year of this installation that both the physical elements as well as the surrounding space changed. Our “stories” also change with the passing of time.